Benefits of your child picking up an instrument at an early age

Benefits of your child picking up an instrument at an early age

BY : muzones Admin

Benefits of your child picking up an instrument at an early age

Music is one of the most significant forms of expression and what better way to help young minds, who are constantly exploring the world around them, express themselves than through this wonderful art of Music. Parents with a mind to help shape their kid’s minds can find that encouraging their children to pick up a musical instrument at a young age; can have incredible benefits. Here are a few perks to children learning an instrument at an early age:

Has a significant improvement over memory:

Learning an instrument gives your child a complete memory workout. It teaches them how to create and retrieve memories more effectively. Scientific studies have shown that children exposed to music and those who learn to play instruments have higher academic achievements. They showed that such activities promoted the parts of their brains that were related to math, reading and emotion growth and that participation in music could help them improve their learning abilities and memory as it simulates different patterns of brain development.

Refine coordination:

Just as playing sports improves the hand-eye coordination, learning to play a musical instrument is not any different. Playing a musical instrument ensures that the brain functions at advanced speeds. It causes enhancement of motor reflexes. Reading music is interpreted into actions of playing music by the brain and since both are required for most instruments, this vastly improves the hand-eye coordination.

Teaches lessons of discipline and responsibility:

Learning an instrument requires time and patience. Children who have taken up learning will have to devote time in order improve and patience to learn. This conclusively promotes self-discipline to master the music.  It is also known to improve craftsmanship and a sense of achievement to the young minds. Experts suggest that it promotes responsibility as any musical instrument requires upkeep or maintenance.  From oiling to tuning, all of these activities create a sense of responsibility for kids over their instruments.

Nurturing self-expression:

Music is an incredibly creative way for children to express themselves. It gives them a portal to express their feeling and emotions just by belting out on their instruments. Understanding that children are constantly exploring the world around them, growing, learning and making new discoveries, it is important that they express themselves. Music certainly goes a long way in ensuring that children actively participate, practice and reinterpret and recreate based on their creativity.

Boosts self-confidence and esteem:

Every time a child plays the notes perfectly, it not only produces sweet music but also bolsters your child’s self-confidence. This is especially true in cases where a child might not be academically strong. Such creative pursuits enhance their self-esteem and hasten progress.  Encouragement from teachers and parents are key factors in improving their self-confidence.

Teaches teamwork and improves social connectivity:

When a child learns an instrument within a group setting such as an orchestra or band, teamwork is greatly emphasized. They are not just responsible for their work but also the others work as well. Learning about teamwork at a young age ensures that they mingle well at school and other places.  It is also a wonderful way for shy and reserved children to step out of their shells. It helps them express, relate to other students and contributes to their overall social development.